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Enviro•elements eco-friendly storage units, cabinets and racks offer organizational solutions that address our responsibility to the environment. Conventional plastics are produced using large amounts of crude oil; however Enviro•elements products use the maximum amount of recycled content while maintaining strength and durability.

The Enviro•elements line of eco-friendly recyclable resin furniture and storage systems are made with as much as 75% recycled material, depending on the product.

Protect the Environment with Enviro•elements Products

Enviro•elements are:

• 100% recyclable
• Many are manufactured with recycled resin and use less natural resources
• Packaged using the optimal amount of materials
• Utilizing packaging printed on recycled paper, using environmentally friendly inks where available
• Supporting a company committed to reducing its own environmental impact

Benefits of Enviro•elements products

• Look great both indoors and outdoors
• Extremely weather resistant
• Require no additional paint, sealants or coatings
• Easy-to-clean and practically maintenance free
• Durable and long-lasting

Enviro•elements eco-friendly solutions have been created with the environment in mind.

Our goal? To provide eco-friendly manufactured products that use reclaimed materials and are 100% recyclable themselves.

Over time our company has improved on the traditional manufacturing process by focusing on the use of recycled resin to create the Enviro•elements line of durable, strong and eco-friendly shelving, cabinets and storage racks.

These top quality eco-friendly product solutions are available at competitive pricing and are made in the USA.

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